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My Inspiration

My landscape paintings and drawings include mountains, deserts, rivers, but predominantly trees. All things in nature are pretty remarkable and worthy of trying to capture on canvas or paper, but I believe that trees are truly living magic! That such majestic and unruly and determined creatures grow from a single tiny seed is most certainly alchemy at its finest. Every single tree in this world is different, and in my mind, unexplainable in the unique shape it takes…curvy, straight, thick, thin, smooth, bumpy, towering or tiny. Trees and all of the varied environments in which they live and thrive are the inspiration for my artwork. My work is about form and movement and color within the landscape. I carefully manipulate shapes and lines in order to give motion to the image, and I build complex layered colors to create depth and interest and to mimic the many amazing textures in the landscape.

Contact Me

Please contact me if you have questions about my work, if you are interested in purchasing work, or would like to schedule a studio visit

    Thank You!

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